Step Two - Career Assessment

During your time at Baylor, you must prepare for what you would like to do after you graduate from college. This preparation process begins your freshman year and continues until you graduate from Baylor. For many students, this process begins with career discovery and exploring the options available to you. The Baylor University Career Center provides multiple tools and services to all Baylor University students. One of these development resources is called SuperStrong – a career discovery tool that will help you assess your current interests and how that might translate to a corresponding career path or an academic major offered at Baylor University. This revolutionary tool has helped hundreds of students take their initial steps in their career development. 

Click on the SuperStrong Best Practices link for step-by-step instructions and follow the SuperStrong Assessment link to begin your assessment. 

Amy Ames, Assistant Director, will share more ideas on why taking a career assessment is a great idea. 

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