Success Data & First Destination Survey

The Baylor University Career Center measures success of Baylor students with information gathered through a First Destination Survey. This survey is provided to all graduating students, both undergraduate and graduate. Each semester our staff connects with graduating students to ensure the survey results are accurate and updated at the time of graduation, as well as 90 days and 180 days post-graduation. The majority of colleges and universities employ a similar survey in order to determine the placement and success rates for graduating students. The national average for knowledge rate (percentage of total) is an average of 50-60%. The Career Center sets a goal to achieve the highest knowledge rate possible for each graduating class in order to post the most accurate results. Our outreach has resulted in approximately 99% knowledge rate each semester, therefore gaining a truly accurate account of the professional success and placement of Baylor students.  

The following report is based on the results of these surveys.