Madi Valine

Madi Valine

Apparel Merchandising

Class of 2020

Merchandise Analyst Intern for Kohl's

Madi is a senior majoring in Apparel Merchandising. This past summer she was offered the opportunity to be a merchandise analyst intern at the Kohl’s corporate office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was given several responsibilities during her time there, such as pulling, analyzing, and presenting reports that were critical to the business’ growth and go-forward planning. These included sales reports, style reports, and forecasting analysis. She was also given the opportunity to present a final project at the end of her time at Kohl’s and receive feedback about her work in order to help her grow and succeed.

Madi badly wants to go into the fashion industry when she graduates in May, and was able to find this through her program coordinator. When looking over all of the internship opportunities out there, she attempted to apply to as many as possible that could relate to the job field that she wanted to go into. She says that it is important to apply as early as you possibly can and that staying on top of your applications is key to getting the applications done and done well.

When Madi finishes her senior year hear at Baylor, she will be returning to Kohl’s to work full time.

"Your internship experience is truly whatever you make of it; it’s a great opportunity to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a great opportunity to find where/how you want to begin your career."