Ashley Dinges


Ashely DingesSupply Chain Management, Minor in Apparel Merchandising

Senior from Sugarland, TX

Material Stores Intern for Southwest Airlines

What was your position?

I served as a Material Stores Intern in the Technical Operations Department. When I came back to Baylor in the fall, I became the Campus Ambassador for Southwest Airlines to help recruit! 

What were some of your responsibilities? What was a typical week on the job like? 

I worked on various projects that were centered around Lean Six Sigma process improvements. Throughout the week I would typically attend project meetings, go to intern "lunch and learns", and shadow full-time employees. 

What was your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part was experiencing the infamous culture of Southwest's environment. Everyone who is hired there truly lives "the Southwest way", which is to have a "warrior spirit", servant heart, and fun-loving attitude. Working for Southwest also meant I had the opportunity to travel for free every weekend (due to the travel perks), which also made the entire experience exciting and spontaneous as well! 

Do you have any suggestions for students seeking internships this summer on how to get started?

1) Do your research by reaching out to Baylor alums on LinkedIn, especially those who work at a company you might be interested in!

2) When interviewing, really know what the job description is asking for and how your skill sets can fill that need.

3) Interview as much as you can with various companies to help you build your confidence. This will prepare you for when your dream job interview comes up!