Success Stories

Alexandra Davis
Brandon Maxwell
Apparel Design - Class of '19
"Be willing to accept when something does not go how you want, learn from it, and utilize that to your advantage. Everything that is meant to happen will align, but you have to put yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow and gain opportunity."
Ashley Dinges
Southwest Airlines
Supply Chain Management - Class of '20
"When interviewing, really know what the job description is asking for and how your skill sets can fill that need."
Billicarole Evans
Full Time - Operations Leadership Development
Mechanical Engineering - Class of '20
"I'm so glad that I attended each career fair and sought help from the Career Center. It all truly helped me land an opportunity with my dream company."
Christina Corbett
Apparel Merchandising - Class of '20
"Internships are extremely important. They are a necessity when seeking jobs after graduation, and are so valuable in helping you figure out what exactly you want to do or which jobs to apply for."
Jeffrey Sonola
Full - Time Software Engineer
Dell Technologies
ECS - Class of '21
"I would advise ECS students to take the PRD 2101 class earlier rather than later as I was able to have internships over multiple summers before my senior year. It is also great to have the Career Center advise you because they have such great relationships with these employers and recruiters".
Jillian Reynolds
Full Time Sales And Marketing Specialist
Chariot Innovations
Medical Humanities - Class of '22
"It is never too early to start your job/internship search. Not everyone can get jobs solely based off of familial connections."
Kennedy Dendy
Internship CBS News
Journalism, Public Relations Major
Class of '19
"Utilize the resources at the Career Center! There are so many helpful tools there that can help you prepare for your next steps, whether that be for an internship or post-graduation job."
Madi Valine
Class of '20
"Your internship experience is truly whatever you make of it; it's a great opportunity to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a great opportunity to find where/how you want to begin your career."
Meghan Bibb
Software Engineer
Class of '21
"I would advise ECS students not wait until junior year to communicate with the Career Center. It is such an important resource and can really improve your career search!"
Michael Twiss
Technical Consultant
ECS - Class of '21
"The Career Center helped me so much with updating my resume and preparing me for interviews!"
Pablo Mondragon
Creative Lead Manager
United Futsal
Class of '20
"Classwork can only take you so far. Volunteer, take an internship, and start building your personal brand before your graduate. Network early, meet new people, and reach out to industry leaders. Do what you love, not what you're expected to do".
Rebecca Dyer
Account Manager
Dell Technologies
Class of '20
"The Career Center sent me weekly emails with recommended job listings which I took advantage of because they were so personalized to what I was looking for"
Sarah Gill
Out-Write Media, llc; Chicago
Class of '21
"The Career Center is such a great resource! Set up weekly meetings to keep your job or internship search constantly on your mind. Keep moving and growing!"
Sarah Jones
MD Anderson
Class of '21
"Help with focusing my goals, tailoring my resume, and presenting myself as a candidate were readily available in this office, and the staff's genuine desire to see you succeed creates an environment like no other."
Toluwani Soares
Class of '21
"It is quite clear to me that the Baylor Career Center Team is invested in my success. I would encourage anyone to book an appointment and know that you don't have to have all the answers to meet with a career counselor."
The Baylor Career Center has five locations.
Sid Rich, West Wing
Foster, Suite 150
Rogers, Suite 311
Baylor Science Building, Room E128
Garland School of Social Work, Room 130