Supporting Your Student

How can you support your student in their career pursuits throughout their college career? Here are our 10 ideas:

  1. Talk with your student about their experiences at Baylor University.

Almost every experience they have on campus will help your student acquire the soft skills employers are looking for in new hires. Ask your student about what they are learning in and out of the classroom. The more that you and your Baylor Bear discuss the skills they can gain while at Baylor University, the more likely they will be able to notice the skills for themselves. (add link to core competencies)

  1. Encourage community engagement in the City of Waco and on the Baylor University campus.

Waco is a growing community full of opportunities to give back! There are over 300 student organizations that your student can get involved with to make a difference during their time at Baylor.  Remind your student that being an active community member is important and will help them to develop a vast array of skills.

  1. Help identify personal and professional skills.

Oftentimes college students do not think of the skills that would benefit them in the future. They may be thinking in the here and now of what will help them meet degree requirements, and what will help them to graduate. Assist your student by helping them determine what skills could be beneficial for their time at Baylor University and beyond.

  1. Be patient as the decision to major in one academic area comes and goes.

Choosing a major that is right for you can be a daunting task for many students but does not need to be a burden! Students frequently change majors to what fits their skillset the best. Encourage your student to take a variety of classes in order to explore a wide range of topics. A major rarely dictates a specific job, so be patient and help assist your student in finding what major fits their skillset the best.

  1. Stress the importance of work experience!

Whether it be an on-campus job or a summer internship, work experience of any kind is beneficial to your student!  The Baylor University Career Center provides all students with two databases (Handshake and Career Shift) to connect your student with employers from around the world. Not only will it help their skills, it will also provide experience they will be able to speak about in an interview.

  1. Let us know about internship or job opportunities.

Both Handshake and Career Shift are platforms that connect our students with helpful information on internships and employment. If you have an opening at the company you work for and think it would be a good opportunity for a Baylor student, please let us know!

  1. Attend Family Weekend!

Family Weekend is the perfect chance for you to immerse yourself in the community and spirit that your student enjoys each day as a Baylor Bear. Starting in 1960 and continuing to the present, Family Weekend strives to help families of Baylor students become better acquainted with the University and spend time with your student and their new friends.

  1. Get involved with the Baylor Parents.

8. Get connected to the Baylor Parent Engagement Office!

As soon as your student decides to attend Baylor, you are considered a Baylor Parent! The Parent Engagement Office is here to connect you to the university and help you navigate how to walk alongside your student in this journey. They will connect you with other parents through local events, and keep you updated on deadlines, updates, and checklists through social media and your very own parent portal, The Hub. Sign up today and see all the great resources available to you!

  1. Prepare to navigate the post-graduation transition.

One of the biggest transitions for students is the one from college to employment or graduate school. The Baylor University Career Center can help with this transition by providing resources such as career advising, workshops, résumé and cover letter assistance, and more. 

  1. Remember this is your student’s experience.

Your student will value your input and suggestions but never forget that your student is a separate human being from you. Their time at Baylor University will allow them to learn how to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions. While your input will always be important, know that they are able to make smart informed decisions for themselves.

The Baylor Career Center has five locations.
Sid Rich, West Wing
Foster, Suite 150
Rogers, Suite 311
Baylor Science Building, Room E128
Garland School of Social Work, Room 130