June 2, 2022
Story: Flipgrid 06-02-2022
Flipgrid is a video discussion tool from Microsoft that opens up the classroom. Flipgrid's video discussion platform makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging. Enable Flipgrid in your course seamlessly with Flipgrid’s Canvas integration.
  • Canvas Access Control - Only students in your Canvas course can access your connected Grids. Students can still join on mobile but must start within the Canvas app.
  • SpeedGrader - Add a Flipgrid Topic for your next Canvas Assignment. Student videos automatically show up in SpeedGrader.
  • Anywhere, Anytime - As long as students click the green + within Canvas, they can record on any computer or on the free Flipgrid iOS + Android apps.
To use the Flipgrid Canvas integration, educators must first have a Flipgrid account. Visit admin.flipgrid.com to login or create your free educator account using the "Sign Up with Microsoft" button and your existing Baylor email address. Flipgrid does not support admin or account-level LTI setup. Instead, teachers need to setup their own course-level integrations, and Flipgrid will automatically create a new Group & Topics for each course.

For more information about using Flipgrid, visit https://www.baylor.edu/helpdesk/flipgrid.
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