Avatars in Zoom

April 6, 2022
Story: Zoom Avatars 4-6-2022
Avatars are now available in the latest version of Zoom which enable you to replace your appearance with a 3D virtual avatar that mirrors your head movements and facial expressions. Avatars are an easy and entertaining way to engage with your meeting attendees and add a bit of fun. Avatars also provide a good middle ground for users who don’t want to turn on their camera, but still want to leverage the power of body language and facial expressions.

When you turn on this feature during a meeting, Zoom’s technology uses your device’s camera to detect where a face is on the screen and apply the selected avatar effect. Images of your face don’t leave your device when using this feature, and they are not stored or sent to Zoom. This feature does not use facial recognition, which means that it does not identify who you are. So while the Avatars feature can tell what is or is not a face, it does not recognize or distinguish between individual faces. Users who do not want avatars enabled in meetings they host can modify their meeting settings to disable this feature.

For more information about using Avatars in your Zoom meetings or how to disable this feature for meetings you host, please visit https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/4642184011917-Using-Avatars-in-meetings-and-webinars.
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