Zoom Security Update Policy

October 1, 2021
Story: Zoom Version Update Policy 10-01-2021
Beginning November 1, 2021, all users will be required to update their Zoom software to ensure it is no more than nine months behind the current version, at any given time. From that point on, users will be prompted to update their software when using any Zoom client should their version fall behind this nine-month window. For example, if on November 1st the latest version of the Zoom Client was released in September 2021, users who try to access Zoom services with a version prior to January 2021 will be prompted to update to a more recent version before they can access the platform.

This change is in line with industry best practices and designed to help ensure that Zoom users receive the latest Zoom features, as well as any privacy and security enhancements Zoom makes to the platform. To prepare for the new schedule, Zoom recommends that customers update to the latest release or at minimum software version 5.5.0, prior to November 1st. Starting in August, Zoom introduced a prompted update to help users update to the latest version of the Zoom client.

As always, we recommend you regularly download and update to the latest version of the Zoom software by checking for updates within the Zoom client or by navigating to zoom.us/download to take advantage of all Zoom's latest security and functionality features.
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