Online Attendance in New Analytics

September 17, 2021
Story: Online Attendance Analytics 09-19-2021
Online Attendance is a new dashboard in the course-level New Analytics space, with several possible attendance criteria:
  • Post a comment to an announcement or a discussion
  • Submit an assignment
  • Create a page
  • Start taking or submit a quiz
Each of these criteria represent a component of Title IV compliance related to collecting information about the last date of attendance for each student who receives Incomplete or Failing grades because a student stopped attending or participating in class. Simply logging into Canvas does not meet Title IV compliance standards and will not be reflected in the new Online Attendance analytics.

Instructors can set the days of the week their class meets. When a student meets any of the selected criteria on a given day, that student is marked as “attended” for that day.

Instructors can filter the Online Attendance dashboard to view data by course, section, or individual student. Instructors can also filter by day of week and students who met the criteria or did not meet the criteria.

For more information, please refer to Instructure's new release announcement, and the FAQ

View a demo of the Online Attendance dashboard

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