Canvas Discussion Redesign

July 26, 2021
Story: Canvas Discussion Redesign 07-26-2021
Discussions have proven to be a great way to engage students with course content and each other. Instructure has released the Canvas Discussion Redesign which boast improved UI and has integrated many years of feedback from faculty across campuses nationwide. Some of the exciting new details of the release includes:

  • Freshening up the UI to take better advantage of the space and ensure responsive views.

  • Moving the toolbar to the top of the page.

  • Placing newest replies on the top of the first page instead of the bottom of the last page.

  • Creating a button to sort replies from newest to oldest and oldest to newest.

  • Allowing posts to be marked as unread/read from the reply menu.

Important Notice: The Canvas Discussion Redesign will be made available on Monday, August 2. If you would like to begin getting familiar with the new interface, we will be covering this topic and more in our Fall 2021 training calendar.
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