A Message From Kaltura

September 11, 2020
Story: Kaltura Apology 09-11-2020
The following is a message intended for all Baylor faculty, staff, and students from Kaltura regarding the experiences of the last several weeks:


You may have noticed that your videos have not been working smoothly in the past two weeks. We’re Kaltura, and our software is what powers many of the videos at your institution. The problems you’ve been experiencing aren’t the fault of your IT staff; they are Kaltura’s fault. We are terribly sorry. We know this has been very disruptive.

Here’s what happened:
It’s pretty obvious that people are using a lot more video this year because of COVID-19. As you may have seen in the news, every video company in the world is seeing unprecedented demand. We had planned to migrate our servers to increase capacity, stability, and security before this all happened; but as a result, we had to move our plans up significantly. Two weeks ago, we did the migration over a weekend to minimize disruptions. However, in any move of this size, some problems will be created. We’ve resolved the majority of the issues at this point, and we’re working around the clock to resolve the rest. We’ve pulled in every one of our engineers from around the world and isolated them in a hotel so they can focus on this every waking moment.

We know this has caused some disruptions for you.

Here’s what you might be seeing:
- Delays in videos uploading
- Delays in videos processing (they’ve uploaded, but they’re not available to watch yet)
- Delays in captions being available
- Intermittent live stream availability

What we’re doing:
We’ve pulled every engineer off every other project to get things working smoothly again as fast as possible. We are in daily contact with your IT team, and we are doing our best to provide them with information and solutions to mitigate any issues. Please don’t be mad at them; they are trying their best, and there was not a lot they could do.

This will all be resolved very soon. We know it’s been an enormous headache for you, and we’re sorry.

Warm regards,
The Kaltura Team
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