Resolved: Ongoing Kaltura Processing Delays

September 2, 2020
Resolved: Kaltura continues to experience delays throughout the week with processing videos. Kaltura indicates that video processing may be delayed for up to 24-48 hours. The existing backlog of videos is expected to complete over the weekend. The following is a list of outstanding issues as reported by Kaltura.

Current Status of Open Issues:
Transcoding and Upload Delays – earlier today we increased processing capacity to address the delays. Progress is being made on the large backlog, however due to high queue volume, we expect the queue to clear over the weekend. We are closely monitoring this situation. By Monday morning, September 7th, we expect to return to normal processing.

Webcast File Upload - the engineering team completed an initial fix however it requires additional development. We are extending the timeline and will provide the updated ETA on Thursday morning UTC.

Doc Conversion - work is in progress and ETA will be provided on Thursday morning UTC.

Upload errors – some KMC and KMS users may be experiencing Upload errors. Our team is working on the issue and expect it to be resolved on Thursday morning UTC.

VOD Playback Errors and Thumbnail images – some users may be experiencing errors on playback of VOD entries and/or thumbnail images not appearing on some entries. We expect this to be resolved on Thursday morning UTC.

Captioning performance – we are still working with the vendor to find the root cause for the delays. We are actively mitigating the delays as best as possible. Delays are currently contained to less than 10 hours.

To see the current status for Kaltura, please visit:
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