Hybrid Section Number Changes and Missing Content

July 31, 2020
In order to facilitate the new Hybrid course format, the Registrar's office is making some changes to section numbers on Hybrid classes this fall that is resulting in new, empty course shells being created in Canvas with a "5" before the section number. For example, course section 01 becomes 501, course section 02 becomes 502, etc. In these situations, faculty will lose access to the old 01 course shell and only have access to the new 501 course shell. If you are a faculty member who had been working on your previous course shell that is now missing because of a changed section number, please contact the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@baylor.edu or 254-710-HELP for assistance. Access to your previous course shell in Canvas can be restored so that you can import that course content into your new course shell for use this semester.
Faculty access to previous course sections can be restored by contacting the ITS Help Desk for assistance at 254-710-HELP.

For information about how to Import Course Content from a previous course after your access is restored, please visit:
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