Canvas Release Cycle Information

October 17, 2019
People periodically ask about new features being introduced into Canvas during the semester, so we would like to explain how the process works and what you can expect.

Canvas is a cloud-hosted LMS solution provided by Instructure. Currently, Instructure has a monthly release cycle over which we have no control. Instructure implements new features into the production environment on the third Saturday of every month. Release notes for the NEXT release are put out the Monday following a production release. We review these release notes and will post news items on the Canvas portal ( if any new features are of critical importance. Faculty are welcome to review the notes themselves at

While many release features are out of our control, we do get the option to schedule certain large changes ourselves. We always do our best to implement these between semesters when they will have the least impact. Large changes like this will be accompanied by a news article on the portal.

If you have any questions about new or upcoming features in Canvas, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk (254-710-HELP).
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