TurnItIn improvements coming soon to Canvas

January 8, 2018
Many instructors rely on services for plagiarism education, prevention, and detection. TurnItIn is also a valuable tool for grading and peer reviews. TurnItIn currently integrates with Canvas in two different ways, but TurnItIn will soon begin phasing out the older methods in favor of a new plagiarism framework integration in Canvas.

The oldest TurnItIn integration with Canvas is known as the API integration (checkbox in a Canvas assignment). TurnItIn had already phased out this older integration once before, but reenabled this integration last year because so many schools did not have a good experience with the new LTI integration. The newer method of using TurnItIn is the LTI integration (External Tool assignment type in Canvas).

Information for Baylor faculty on using TurnItIn through either of these methods can be found here:

Instructure is currently developing a more robust framework for plagiarism detection services in Canvas.

TurnItIn has announced that they are developing a new plugin using this plagiarism framework that Instructure is developing. The target release for the new plugin is Summer 2018. This new plugin promises TurnItIn assignment creation within Canvas's interface for those who wish to use Canvas for most operations but would like an originality report from TurnItIn.

Until this new plagiarism framework is released in Canvas, we recommend continuing to use TurnItIn's existing API integration by simply checking the appropriate box in a Canvas assignment.
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