New Gradebook in Canvas

January 4, 2018
Beginning on January 6, instructors can enable the New Gradebook on a per-course basis to begin testing the new gradebook format that will be deployed to all of Canvas later this year. Instructors testing the New Gradebook can apply late and missing policies to course assignments.

To enable the New Gradebook in a course, open the course Settings page and view the Feature Options tab where you can toggle on the New Gradebook for the current course. Please note that once you begin using the New Gradebook in a course, you will not be able to switch back to the existing gradebook format.

The New Gradebook supports late policies, which allows instructors to automatically apply grading rules for late and missing submissions in their courses. This feature improves the Late and Missing functionality introduced in previous releases and helps instructors establish and manage policies related to each status. Late policies can be noted to students through the course syllabus.

In the New Gradebook, assignments are late when submitted past the due date, and assignments are missing if they are never submitted by the student. On-paper (in-class) assignments are not included in Late Policies as they do not include online submissions that can be calculated by Canvas. Any on-paper assignments must be managed individually by the instructor.

Late Policies can be specified in the New Gradebook Settings window. Late Policies only apply to the course where they are configured; they do not apply to any other course.

For more information about using the New Gradebook in Canvas, please visit
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