DUO Two-Factor Authentication expands to Canvas

September 12, 2017
Dear Colleagues,

Last year, we worked together with partners across the university to improve the security of BearWeb by implementing Duo two-factor authentication. After nearly a year of experience using Duo, the Baylor community has adapted to using the Duo app, their phone, or other methods to provide a second "factor" when accessing this vital information resource. However, BearWeb is not the only place we store sensitive and important information.

On October 3, 2017, we will expand the protection that Duo provides to other campus information resources including Box, Canvas, Compass and more. Along with this extended coverage, the Duo login interface will undergo a design change so that access to all Baylor online resources will have the same look and feel. Information resources that require Duo two-factor authentication will bear an "Optimized for Duo" mark.

Applying Duo to additional systems will be another cultural shift for our community. However, since many at Baylor already use Duo on nearly a daily basis, we believe the process is familiar enough that we will not leave our users behind. To ease the transition, we are implementing a new feature within the Duo app that remembers your two-factor login for seven days when you use the Duo Push functionality. This change will make Duo more convenient to use to access the range of systems it will now protect.

We are confident that this expansion of Duo two-factor authentication across our enterprise will increase the security of our valuable information resources and create an increasingly BearAware campus community.

Thank you for your partnership as we expand Duo coverage in the coming weeks. For more information, visit

Jon Allen,
Chief Information Security Officer
Baylor University
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