Important Canvas changes, enhancements coming May 25

May 25, 2017

Several upcoming changes to the Canvas interface will bring enhancements to course home pages and will allow users to access their Office 365 content for course documents, assignments, and collaborations. Changes to the Collaborations tool, however, will break connections to previously shared documents from Google Docs.

Beginning Thursday, May 25, users will have access to the following new features:

  • Office 365 for Collaborations, assignments, and file uploads - In Collaborations, users will now have the option to share content from Office 365. This change will break existing links to previously shared Google Docs in Collaborations, but the original Google Doc will be unaffected. In addition, faculty will be able to access Office 365 content in the Canvas rich-text editor in the same manner they may now access content from their Baylor Box accounts, as well as create "Cloud Assignments," and students will be able to submit Office 365 documents for assignments requiring file uploads. For additional details, visit
  • Dashboard Images for Courses – Faculty will now have the option to upload an image to their course cards in the Canvas dashboard. For additional details, visit
  • Student Context Cards – Clicking on a student's name in People will now produce a Context Card for that user, which displays information about grades, missing or late assignments, and user activity in the course. For additional details, visit
  • Modules Home Page / New User Tutorial – After May 25, all new courses not already in Canvas will display the Modules area as the default home page rather than the Activity Stream, and new faculty will see the New User Tutorial, which provides a description for all the major content areas in Canvas. For additional details on changing a course's home page, visit; information about the New User Tutorial, visit
  • Chat – A new text chat tool is available to be added to the course menu of every course. This tool is disabled by default, but it can be enabled from the Navigation options in the course Settings. For more information about how to disable or enable course menu items, visit Information about the Chat tool can be found by visiting,

For additional questions or concerns about these news features in Canvas, please contact Instructure support. In the event your question can only be answers by Baylor technicians, Instructure will refer your call back to the Baylor University Help Desk.

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