RESOLVED: Major disruption to TurnItIn service

February 27, 2017

UPDATE 2/28/17 4:30 pm
The error preventing students from submitting TurnItIn assignments in Canvas has been resolved. Faculty may resume using the TurnItIn LTI API assignment type in Canvas and are encouraged to call the Help Desk at (254)710-HELP (4357) to report any additional problems.


Many students attempting to submit TurnItIn assignments in Canvas are unable to do so due to the following error:

TurnItIn email error

IMPORTANT: Since this error prevents students from submitting TurnItIn assignments, we encourage all faculty to avoid using TurnItIn in Canvas until further notice. Instead, faculty should rely on using the Canvas “Online” assignment type that allows file uploads. Instructions for creating this kind of assignment may be found here: NOTE: This does not apply to old TurnItIn assignments.

For all existing TurnItIn assignments with imminent due dates that already have some submissions, faculty may consider changing those assignments back into Canvas “Online” assignment types, making sure to select the “File Uploads” option (refer to the instructions we link to in this message for additional information). This process should preserve previous TurnItIn submissions as SpeedGrader attachments, though this may not happen in all cases. For additional assistance with verifying your submissions in Canvas, call the Help Desk at (254)710-HELP.

Baylor Canvas technicians are working with TurnItIn directly and are updating Baylor’s downline as new developments surface. Please check the Down Line (254)710-DOWN (3696) for future updates about this problem. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

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