Older courses to be archived

August 10, 2016
In an effort to keep the course lists current, all courses older than one year will be moved to the Past Enrollments list in Canvas. On August 10, all courses in the 201520 term and older will be moved to Past Enrollments.

Courses are organized into All Courses [1], Past Enrollments [2], Future Enrollments [3]. All Courses are courses that are part of the current semester or recently completed semesters. Courses under the Past Enrollments heading are courses that have concluded but are still available as a read-only archived course. Instructors can view course material and grades but cannot make changes to courses when they are in this category. Future Enrollments are courses that will be made available as part of an upcoming term or specific course start date.

If you need read/write access to a course listed under Past Enrollments, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (254)710-HELP and someone at Baylor will move the course back to the active All Courses lists for you.

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