Publisher Integrations

Canvas has been integrated with all of the major textbook publisher platforms listed below.  For more information about each platform, please contact your the representative from your publishing company.  Each publisher will provide you with their own setup instructions, support, and training necessary to use their service within Canvas.

  • Cambridge myBusiness Course (only available in HSB)
  • Cengage Learning Mindlinks
  • Flatworld Homework
  • InfoSec Learning (only available in ISY)
  • Knewton Alta
  • Macmillan Learning
  • Sapling Learning
  • McGraw-Hill Campus
  • McGraw-Hill Connect
  • McGraw-Hill ALEKS
  • Pearson MyEnglishLab
  • Pearson MyLab and Mastering
  • Pearson Revel
  • Wiley Plus
  • zyBooks (Client ID: 13030000000000155)

Note:  If the publisher asks you to configure the LTI integration and provides a consumer key and shared secret codes for any of the tools listed above, this part of the process has already been completed for you at Baylor.  Please inform your representative that the LTI setup has already been completed so you can proceed to the next steps with using their tool.

To install an LTI 1.3 integration using a Client ID, open your course Settings menu and select the Apps tab. Use the +App button and choose "By Client ID" as the configuration type. Client IDs for publisher integrations will be listed above if available.