Course Dates and Section Dates

Students will only be able to access courses or receive notifications for courses if you have published your course and it is within the Section start/end date range. Even if you have published your course, it will still be inaccessible to students if the current date is outside of the Section date range. If you want your students to access your course early or maintain access to your course after the default end date, click on the title of your section from the Sections tab of your course's Settings page to edit the Section start or end dates.

Important: Baylor does not set Course dates from Banner, but sets Section dates instead. We recommend that you edit the Section start and end dates only rather than adding or editing the Course start or end dates.

The default Section Start date is 7-days before the first official class day, and the default Section End date is 10-days after the last official class day according to Banner. However, faculty are free to adjust these Section start and end dates to meet their own requirements.

For detailed instructions about how to set Section dates, please visit the following guide:
How do I change the start and end dates for a Section as an instructor?