Assessment Proctoring Guide

This guide is meant to equip Baylor faculty to make the best decisions on whether or not to proctor Canvas quizzes while teaching courses online, and if so, which proctoring tool to use.

Proctor Sparingly (midterms and final exams only)

Consider emphasizing the Baylor Honor Code and relying on formative assessments, or use question banks and restrictive quiz settings instead of a software tool to lockdown or monitor the testing environment.

Note: Requiring a lockdown browser or proctoring solution requires that your students have the necessary hardware and a reliable (sufficient bandwidth) connection to the internet.

Survey Students Before Using Exam Security Software

If you determine using exam security software is necessary, your next step is to survey students on the devices and internet connection they can access. A sample survey has been provided in the Canvas Commons that you can easily import into your courses and modify as desired.

Selection Informed by Student Access

The hardware students have access to determines what solution you can require.

  • If students do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer they may not be able to use proctoring.
  • Respondus Lockdown browser can be used on an iPad but not on other types of tablets.
  • If students only have a phone and/or non-Apple tablet, you will not be able to require Respondus and must use Canvas quiz settings for security.

Baylor Supported Solutions

In order to provide a consistent user experience for all students, Baylor currently provides one proctoring solution, Respondus Monitor, which functions as a lockdown browser & monitors the exam using webcam video.

Follow How-to Guide to Require Selected Solution

Learn & Review Settings

Defaults settings are a good starting place but you should review & customize before publishing a quiz: To view Respondus settings, click ‘Lockdown Browser’ on course menu, select arrow to left of quiz title, expand plus sign next to ‘Advanced Settings’.

Always Provide Technical & Support Info for Students

Provide an instructional guide for your students in Canvas on the selected tool

Always Provide Confirmation/Practice Quiz

Offer a confirmation/practice quiz with unlimited attempts to allow students to test technology beforehand. This sample quiz can be imported into courses and customized.