Suggesting Improvements

Participating in the Canvas Community system is the most effective way to influence how Instructure prioritizes and develops changes to its product. Before you explore the community forums, we recommend becoming familiar with the way in which Instructure vets feature requests: Follow the steps below to "upvote" an existing feature request or to submit a new one.

Step 1: Login to the community system.

You must be logged in to this system to submit a new feature request or "upvote" existing requests.

  • Login to Canvas and click the "Help" link.
  • Select the "Submit a Feature Idea" link in the popup window--this will send you to the "Canvas Feature Ideas" page at
  • Find the "Log in" link and log in to the community system. If you have previously logged in to Canvas as instructed above, then you will automatically be logged in to the community system when you click the "Log in" link. NOTE: You may be asked to confirm your profile details before fully authenticating into the system.

Step 2: Find/upvote existing feature requests.

When using the Canvas Feature Ideas system, we recommend that you begin your search by viewing those requests in the "Open for Voting" category. Ideas in this stage of development still need votes to be further considered by Instructure's developers. Once an idea reaches the "Gathering Info" stage, it isn't as critical to upvote the feature, but users may continue to upvote/comment on any feature in the "Gathering Info" stage.

  • After you login to the Canvas Feature Ideas page as described in Step 1, click the "Open for Voting" category:

    Open for Voting graphic

  • Click in the field labeled "Type to filter by text," search for your feature, and click the feature request page you'd like to visit:

    Open Voting filter by text

  • On the individual feature request page, click the arrow to upvote the feature request:

    How to Upvote

Step 3 (Optional): Create a new feature request.

If you have searched Instructure's feature request forum and have not found an existing document for your request, submit a new request.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of tools in Instructure's community portal that allow you to track the progress of feature requests. If you need additional assistance, please contact Instructure directly at (844)334-0228.