Syllabi Resources

NOTE: This page provides the appropriate information and disclaimers for many widely used academic technology tools at Baylor. Faculty are encouraged to cut-and-paste these passages into their syllabi as needed. Additional institutional statements can be found at


Announcements in Canvas

The Announcements section of Canvas will be used to post general messages, reminders, and other pertinent course information that is relevant to all students. In addition to receiving notifications of new announcements upon logging on to Canvas, all students are required to enable real-time (i.e. ASAP) notifications for course Announcements to their respective Baylor University email address. Specific instructions for modifying Canvas notification preferences can be found at


Respondus LockDown Browser

LockDown Browser is a custom web browser that locks down the testing environment within online courses in Blackboard or Canvas. You will be unable to print, copy, or access other websites and applications. When an assessment is started, you are locked into the browser until you submit the assessment for grading. LockDown Browser is available for both Windows and Mac.

LockDown Browser can be downloaded by students at the Respondus Website.




Baylor University subscribes to TurnItIn, a web-based plagiarism detection/prevention service. Papers submitted to TurnItIn are compared to resources in the database. The results of the comparison (including hyperlinks to web pages or other papers with the same text) are then sent to the instructor. Students agree that by taking a course, all required papers, exams, class projects or other assignments submitted for credit may be submitted to or similar third parties to review and evaluate for originality and intellectual integrity. A description of the services, terms and conditions of use, and privacy policy of is available on its web site:

Understand that all work submitted to will be added to its database of papers. Further understand that if the results of such a review support an allegation of academic dishonesty, the course work in question as well as any supporting materials may be submitted to the Honor Council for investigation and further action.