Are there tryouts for your team?Yes. But most people who are on the team have not played before college. We do have a recreational club and most members move from the recreational club into the competitive club.

What are the expectations for the time commitment once on the team? You will need to come to at least 50% of practices for the entire year and to each College tournament (1-2 per year) if needed.

How many days and hour/week do you practice? 1-2 practices a week. 1- 1 ½ hours per day that we practice.

Where are your games and practices held? We practice on Fountain Mall, Edgefield, and the BSB fields. Some tournaments are at the BSB fields, nearby Texas cities, and College nationals is a random location within the United States.

What schools do you compete against? What league are you in? We compete against mostly Texas schools, at Nationals we will compete against all the Top schools from around the country.

What are the dues for this club team? $100-$125 depends on when you become a member for the club.

When is your season? Do you practice in the off-season? Our season is during the fall, and then Nationals is during the Spring.

Do you need to have experience to join? No.