Noon Basketball League (Baylor NBA)

Noontime Basketball Association

WHO: Faculty and Staff of Baylor University, Spouses of Faculty and Staff Members, Graduate Students and Law Students are allowed. Community members must be invited, approved, and sponsored by a Baylor Faculty or Staff Member annually.

WHAT: Full-court, pick-up basketball

WHEN: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (when the McLane Student Life Center is open)

WHERE: McLane Student Life Center

HOW: The NBA has formal by-laws and a Commissioner, along with an Executive Committee that oversees the program, guidelines, and weekly administration.

WHY: Faculty and Staff members rarely choose to play in undergraduate intramural sports.  This league gives them a chance to network with peers from across the institution as well as others that engage regularly with the university.

History: The NBA started as a faculty-staff basketball league back in the 70’s in Marrs McLean Gym.  In the 90’s, the league moved to Russell Gym due to space limitations. When the SLC was built and opened in 1999, the NBA formalized the guidelines and kept the structure of a faculty and staff basketball league. There are no referees – players call their own fouls. There are also behavioral expectations – you lose control and you lose the privilege to play.  Everyone who shows up will have the opportunity to play.

Campus Recreation Mission:

Campus Recreation engages students and the Baylor community in experiential learning, recreational and leisure activities that equip individuals to live balanced, holistic, and healthy lifestyles.

The NBA meets the mission of Campus Recreation in engaging the greater Baylor Community of Faculty and Staff in full-court basketball three times per week.

This encourages a healthy lifestyle for faculty and staff members by encouraging them:

  • to raise their heart rate to a target level at least three times per week for at least 30 minutes each time (Physical)
  • to organize their schedules to accommodate regular physical activity (Physical)
  • to engage in healthy relationships and networking opportunities (Social and Emotional)
  • to develop as a leader through teamwork and accountability (Social)
  • to grow as a person of integrity and honesty through sportsmanship in a competitive environment (Spiritual)