Leading Your Peers (Fall 2018)

Oct 11, 4PM – 5PM
Oct 28, 7PM – 8PM

Leading others can be a challenge, leading your peers can feel even bigger.  Setting the foundation for leading your peers has already started!  Come ask questions of current Campus Recreation supervisors, graduate students, and professional staff who have successfully made the transition. 


  • Learn practical leadership tips for personal and professional success
  • Discover important tools to increase your leadership abilities
  • Gather helpful resources that will prepare you to support your team today and in the future.

Modeling Vulnerability (Spring 2019)

Apr 4, 4PM – 5PM
Apr 10, 4PM – 5PM

No leader is perfect: mistakes and failures are an inevitable part of life.  Why beat yourself up over something everyone eventually does?  In this session, we will discuss how modeling vulnerability can lead a team/organization toward more authentic and effective growth, and how leaders might recognize mistakes as opportunities for growth rather than a path to failure. 


  • Learn how to identify and address your individual leadership concerns
  • Understand the dichotomy between accountability and showing grace
  • Hear strategies from other leaders on how to recover from mistakes and re-establish trust