Are there tryouts for your team?
No, we do not require tryouts for our team.

How many days and hours/week do you practice?
We practice on Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

Where are your practices held?
Our practices are held at Russell Gym.

What schools do you compete against? What league you're in?
We have traditionally been members of SWIFA (Southwest Intercollegiate Fencing Association) but are not currently competing.

What are the dues for this club?
Dues are $10 a semester.

When is your season? Do you practice in the off-season?
We practice during the fall and spring semesters and occasionally over breaks.

Do students need experience to join?
We do not require experience. Most of the people in the club had never fenced before joining the club. We also have a full armory, so we don't require students to have their own equipment.