Challenge Course

Group programs at Baylor University’s Eastland Lakes Team and Leadership Center are designed to assist teams to learn and grow together.

Serving the university, local and regional community groups for the past 20 years, the Baylor University Outdoor Adventure’s team at Eastland Lakes has facilitated teambuilding experiences for an estimated 35,000 participants. Participant groups include Baylor students, faculty, staff, schools, non-profits, church groups, businesses and sports teams.

Our challenge course is an experience for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike. It is about participation and offering one's best talents, ideas, support and encouragement, not just physical skill or exertion.

Booking Options

What to Expect

Groups have the option to book “Half Day” (3-4 hours) or “Full Day” (6-7 hours) packages depending on group needs and availability.  Our traditional packages consist of a progression of activities that include large group games, initiatives, small group challenges, trust activities, and low and high elements. Customized group options are also available upon request.

Activity Descriptions

Games and Activities

Designed to engage groups and warm up for the day and allow for fun. Ice breakers designed to bring down barriers and help participants know each other better.

Group Initiatives

Designed to test the group's ability to problem solve and think critically. Facilitators use a sequence of unique challenges based on the group needs and goals to aid participants in thinking outside the box and address the group dynamics of communication, trust, and leadership as well as others specific to the group.

Low Elements

Intended to mesh with the initiatives that complement each other for a half or whole day team development experience. The elements consist of challenges just off the ground. This is an excellent intermediate step between group initiatives and the High Traversing Elements.

High Traversing Elements

Consisting of individual challenges at heights from thirty to fifty feet above the ground, this program is designed to be a continuation of the Low Element challenges and group initiatives, utilizing the teamwork and trust skills the team has learned. High Traversing Elements require problem-solving skills and confidence in yourself and your team. Prior to leaving the ground, each participant is carefully oriented to the challenge.

High Specialty Elements

  • Leap of Faith
  • Giant Swing
  • Zip Line
Participant Requirements & Restrictions

The programs at the Eastland Lakes Challenge Course are designed for participants in moderate to good health with average to good mobility. We recommend participants familiarize themselves with the requirements, restrictions, and risks prior to committing.

Program Requirements

  • All non-Baylor affiliated participants must agree to and sign a Participant Agreement.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed agreement by a parent or legal, court-assigned guardian.
  • Participants must be able to understand and comply with the instructions in English or bring their own translator.
  • Participants must fit properly into all harness and protective equipment.
  • The high course is recommended for ages 10 and up.
  • Some high course elements have a weight restriction of 250 lbs.
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Rates vary depending on the type of organization, length of program and the number of participants. For more information, email Zac Huston,
Challenge Course Coordinator, or call 254-710-7606.