Are there tryouts for your team?
No, we welcome all levels of experience. We offer casual sailing all the way to competitive sailing and everything in between.

How many days and hours a week do you practice?
we typically practice 1-2 a week for 3 hours, with casual sailing every weekend. Transporation to all practices, events, and regattas is provided.

Typically where are your tournaments and competitions held?
We practice out of Ridgewood Country Club on Lake Waco. We compete with schools across the South East.

What schools do you compete against? What league are you in?
We are in the South East Intercollegiate Sailing Association. This league includes schools from the University of Colorado in Boulder, to Tulane in New Orleans, and everything in between.

What are the dues for this club team?
Our dues are $200 for the entire school year, or $120 per semester if you choose to sign up in the spring semester.

When is your season?
The season encompasses the whole school year.

Do you need to have experience to join?
No experience is necessary to join. As a new sailor, you will be able to compete in all Regattas from the moment you start. As an experienced sailor, you will have the opportunity to move up the ranks quickly.

What has the sailing team been up to?
We spent a lot of time fundraising and replaced our old dock! Sailing Alumni will all know how we needed a replacement. We are so excited to have a dock that is up to code and keeps our boats out of the water! Our next plan is to start replacing our boats, which are past their prime. This will keep us on the water and training new sailors for many years to come!