Are there tryouts for your team?
No, we do not hold tryouts to be a member of the club. 

How many days and hours a week do you practice?
Some training takes place on an individual basis, but we hold group workouts and weekly clinics for those who would like to participate with the team. Members must attend a minimum of two practices a week. Also, while racing is not forced, we have incentive programs for those striving to progress in the sport.

Typically where are your games and practices held?
Practice locations vary around Baylor and Waco, but the majority of our races are within 150 miles of Baylor. We travel out of state at least once per year.

What schools do you compete against? What league are you in?
At local races, we will compete against all other universities in Texas and surrounding states as part of the South Mid-West Collegiate Triathlon Conference (SMWCTC). At the Collegiate National Championships, we will compete against at least 120 universities across the country.

What are the dues for this club team?
We have two membership options. The One-Year Training Plan is $65 per year, which gets you a team t-shirt, access to our sponsor discounts, and training/nutrition/bike maintenance seminars. The Elite Plan is $140 per year, which gets you the Training Plan benefits in addition to partial or full coverage of most race related costs (lodging, transportation, race entry fees, etc.).

When is your season?
Although the general triathlon racing season begins in late spring and lasts until early fall, we adapt our schedule such that we race from mid-February to late October. The period in-between is used for "base training" and education.

Do you need to have experience to join?
Never done a triathlon? No experience is necessary to join! Our team includes all types, from beginner to veteran. Most members do their first triathlon with us! We do our best to accommodate members' needs while trying to break into the sport of triathlon. While we are not always able to meet equipment needs, we do encourage renting or leasing equipment from Bicycle World Waco as an affordable alternative to requiring new members to purchase expensive equipment up front.