Men's Lacrosse

Are there tryouts for your team?
No, we do not have tryouts for our team. We encourage and accept participation from all students, with or without prior experience. This being said, we are a competitive organization and those players who are best equipped and suited for the positions will receive more playing time than others.

How many days and hour/week do you practice?
We practice Monday-Thursday from 6-8pm. Practice consists of conditioning, skills development and team concepts. Lacrosse is a full-contact sport, and proper body contact and agility training is incorporated into each practice to prevent injury.

Where are your games and practices held?
Typically our games and practices are held at the Baylor Intramural fields.

What schools do you compete against? What league are you in?
We are in the LSA, Lone Star Alliance, and compete in the southern division of this league. We play teams like LSU, UT, Texas State, Texas Tech, TCU, OU, OSU, SMU, ATM, and many others as well.

What are the dues for this club team?
Our dues are $850 for members for the whole year. This includes gloves, practice shorts and jersey, shirt, shooting shirt, and helmet.

When is your season? Do you practice in the off-season?
Our season is in the spring semester and usually lasts from February to late April or May. We do practice in the off-season.