Have a question, concern or see a need for something in the SLC? Notice something is broken? Let us know! Please share your concerns, ask your questions, or express a need directly to the Campus Recreation Staff member who can look into it!

You can also email your questions or concerns to Campus Recreation. Someone will answer your email within 48 hours.

Campus Recreation

Department/Area Location Phone
SLC Front Desk 1st Floor 254.710.7542 (SLIC)
Administrative Offices Suite 113 254.710.3315
Departmental Fax Suite 113 254.710.3418
Fitness Center 1st Floor 254.710.7527
Massage Therapy 1st Floor 254.710.7542
Gear Room 1st Floor 254.710.2386
Reservations Suite 113 254.710.7533
Russell Gym Desk Russell Gym 254.710.3532
The ROCK McLane SLC 254.710.ROCK (7625)
Marina University Parks Dr. 254.710.3531
Bike Shop At the Baylor Marina 254.710.3531

SLC Partner Offices

Department/Area Location Phone
Counseling Center Suite 277 254.710.2467
Wellness Suite 207 254.710.1726
VP of Student Life Suite 114 254.710.1314
Health Center 2nd Floor 254.710.1010
Pharmacy 2nd Floor 254.710.4991
Physical Therapy 2nd Floor 254.710.4249

McLane Student Life Center (SLC)
209 Speight Ave., Waco, TX 76706 (see Campus Map)