Intramural Sports

Where character meets competition

The Baylor Intramural Sports program strives to provide students with a variety of recreational opportunities that allow them to engage in healthy competition while developing character and maintaining integrity and sportsmanship.

Whether you are a gifted athlete or you just want to play for fun, the Baylor Intramural Sports program is the place for you!

Who can play?
Intramural events are open to all enrolled Baylor students, faculty and staff who have paid the respective usage fees, meet University eligibility guidelines and are in good standing with the University.
When Do We Play?
Intramural games are scheduled to play Monday - Thursday between 5pm and midnight. Weekend play may occur if there is a high number of participants or teams, or if poor weather forces delays.
What Leagues Are Offered?
Baylor Intramural Sports offers several different leagues for both men’s and women’s events and competitions. Major sports will include a "Comp" and "Rec" league along with a Residence Hall/Freshmen-Only division within each league. All other sports will be all-university in nature, meaning that there will only be a Men's League, a Women's League, or a Co-Ed League.
  • Competitive League: The "Comp" league is more competitive in nature and is the highest level of play for a sport. Greeks, Club/Open, & Residence Halls may all compete in this league. Typically, there are fewer teams overall in the Comp league.
  • Recreation League: The "Rec" league is less competitive and serves an audience of participants that are playing more to have "fun" as opposed to competing at a high level. Greeks, Club/Open, & Residence Halls may all compete in this league. Typically, there are more teams overall in the Comp league.
  • Residence Hall/Freshmen-Only Divisions: These divisions will exist inside the Comp and Rec leagues and will be available exclusively for Res Halls and freshmen teams. Res Halls and freshmen may play in other divisions, but no Greeks, Open upperclassmen, or Clubs may play in the Res Hall Divisions.
  • All-University Leagues: These leagues consist of all minor, dual, and individual sports. Teams are not delineated by "Comp" and "Rec" but rather all teams play together in one large league, separated by divisions.