Gunther Uhlmann to speak in Eighth Annual Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics

DateOctober 8-16, 2014
LocationMMSci 101

Gunther Uhlmann, the Walker Family Endowed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Washington, will be the featured speaker in the Eighth Annual Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics. Professor Uhlmann will be visiting Baylor from October 14-16.

Gunther Uhlmann

Professor Gunther Uhlmann

His public lecture "Harry Potter's Cloak" will be given at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, October 15 in MMSci 101. Dr. Uhlmann is a leading authority in the world on the mathematics and physics of invisibility. The idea of invisibility, popularized in science fiction and Hollywood movies (most recently the Harry Potter films), has a firm scientific basis. Dr. Uhlmann is an expert in this area, particular in transportation optics. To achieve invisibility -- actually to hide or cloak an object -- one needs to design materials that would steer light around a hidden region, returning it to its original path on the far side. Observers would be unaware of the contents of the hidden region and, in fact, would not even be aware that something was being hidden. In 2006, Science Magazine named 'cloaking' as of the 10 major scientific breakthroughs of the year.

There will be a reception for Dr. Uhlmann in Sid Rich 340 at 3 pm on October 15. EVERYONE is welcome to this reception!
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