9374. SET - Using Pop Culture in the Classroom

DateJanuary 30, 2014
Time3:00 - 4:00 pm
LocationJones Library-Creekmore
DescriptionAudience: Faculty/Staff, Teachers of Record, Graduate Students, Staff

Presenter—Nathan Kilpatrick (English)

Audience - Faculty and Teachers of Record

Often, students express their dissatisfaction with the “relevance” of what they are learning in the classroom, bemoaning the seeming distance between their own lives and the intricacies of a traditional discipline. As instructors, we want our students to see the vitality of our disciplines as vividly as we do. One method of doing so, documented and supported by a number of pedagogy theorists, has been the skillful use of popular culture in the classroom as a point of entry into more academic disciplinary training. While this session will be most beneficial to humanities instructors, its focus on the benefits and pitfalls of using popular culture will explore the use of such a method as a way of making the educational experience relevant to students’ lives in a dynamic way.
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Publisherzz (old) Training & Development
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