2013 Fall Graduate Colloquium Series: Ken Call/Indra-Mani Ghimire

DateSeptember 27, 2013
Time3:35 - 5:00 pm
LocationBaylor Sciences Building, Room E.125
Ken Call

Detection of Rotation Perpendicular to Line of Sight Using the Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) of a Light Beam

A beam of light may be prepared that carries Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) in its helical structure. When such a prepared beam of light reflects from a rotating structure, a doppler effect is observed. Lavery, et al., report on an
experimental setup in which rotation perpendicular to the line of sight was detected through use of such a beam.

Indra-Mani Ghimire

How do steps in the dissociative adsorption of water play role on Rutile TiO2 (1 1 0)?

TiO2 (110) - (1 1) (rutile) surface is often considered as a test case to study the high importance of water-TiO2 interaction for many processes on TiO2. A question arises whether the well studied surface O vacancies on the terraces are the only active sites or there is another channel for the creation of H adatoms.
This has not yet been answered accurately. High-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) study and density functional theory (DFT) calculations are made to answer the question. Evidence shows the second water dissociation
channel exists on the surface of vacuum annealed TiO2 (110) crystals associated with <1 1> step edges. This channel can be suppressed by blocking of the <1 1> step edges when ethanol is used.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Ken Park 254-710-2282

PublisherDepartment of Physics
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