Dr. Daniel J. Goebbert - Chemistry and Biochemistry

DateSeptember 20, 2013
Time3:30 - 4:30 pm
LocationC 105
DescriptionNegative Ion Photoelectron Imaging, Electronic Structure, and Temporary Anions - Photoelectron imaging is a powerful experimental method for studying electronic structure. The major advantage of photoelectron imaging is the photoelectron angular distribution, which contains information related to the shapes of atomic and molecular orbitals. After describing the essential features of the experiment, I will discuss several qualitative analyses of photoelectron images and how they relae to atomic and molecular orbitals. Finally, I will describe a new model for predicting photoelectron angular distributions using a simple LCAO-MO approximation. Experimental tests of this model will be presented, which have also led to the discovery of new temporary anion states.
PublisherBaylor Sciences Building
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