2013 CASPER Seminar Series
with Dr. Tao Zhu, CASPER

DateSeptember 27, 2013
Time2:30 - 3:30 pm
LocationBRIC 3160, 3rd Floor Symposium Space

Title: Uniform approximate solution of Inflationary modes with trans-Planckian physics

Abstract: In this talk, I will present a technique, the uniform asymptotic approximation, to construct accurate analytical solutions of the linear
perturbations of inflation after quantum effects of the early universe are taken into account, for which the dispersion relations
generically become nonlinear. With the understanding of the errors of the approximations and the proper choice of the Liouville transformations of the differential
equations of the inflationary modes, I will show that the analytical solutions describe the exact evolution of the linear perturbations
extremely well even only to the first-order approximations. As a simple application of the approximate analytical solutions, I also
calculate the power spectra and indices of scalar and tensor perturbations in the de Sitter background, and find that the amplitudes
of the power spectra get modified due to the quantum effects, while the power spectrum indices remain the same as in the linear

Biography: Tao Zhu have received his Ph. D degree in 2010 in theoretical physics from Lanzhou University, a very famous institute in China. He then joined Zhejiang University of Technology as an assistant professor till Jan, 2013. He is currently an assistant research associate of CASPER. His research interests include quantum gravity, thermal radiation from black holes, and brane-world cosmology. He has published 27 papers on these subjects. His current focus is on Horava-Lifshitz gravity and quantum effects in the early universe.

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