9235. SET - Discussing Difficult Social Issues in the Classroom

DateNovember 15, 2013
Time1:00 - 2:00 pm
LocationJones 200
DescriptionAudience: Faculty/Staff, Teachers of Record, Graduate Students

Presenter—Andy Hogue (Political Science) & Helen Harris (Social Work)

Audience - Faculty and Teachers of Record

Two summers ago our students returned to Baylor after a series of mass shootings and heated conversations about gun control. This year they’ve returned to Baylor with the Trayvon Martin case fresh on their minds. Dr. Andy Hogue and Dr. Helen Harris will help us think about our role as teachers in facilitating class discussions on difficult social issues and will prompt us to think about questions such as:

1. Do we have a responsibility as university professors to help our students think through these social issues?

2. What kinds of classes should be addressing these issues?

3. How do we help our students learn to engage with one another civilly about these topics? And finally,

4. How do we assess the learning that results from these conversations?

Your own thoughts on these questions will be welcome.
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