Physics Colloquium Series- Dr. Can Kilic

DateFebruary 27, 2013
Time4:00 - 6:00 pm
LocationBSB E.125
DescriptionCan Kilic, Ph.D.

Luring Naturalness from a Potential Hiding Place at the LHC

The Standard Model of particle physics describes nature at the shortest distances that we have experimentally probed to date, but we know that it is not the complete theory of the world for a variety of reasons. The instability of the Higgs mass under quantum corrections has led us to expect new physics at the TeV scale, possibly in the form of supersymmetric partners to the known particles. The Large Hadron Collider has so far yielded no signs of TeV-scale supersymmetry however, creating tension with a naturally small Higgs boson mass. In this talk I will describe how a supersymmetric scenario with light superpartners may well be hiding in the data, and how existing search methods can be modified to increase sensitivity to this possibility. I will also comment on the often overlooked model dependence present in existing searches that can lead to overly optimistic conclusions in terms of exclusion limits.
PublisherBaylor Sciences Building
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