DateOctober 30, 2012
Time12:00 pm
LocationDraper 207
DescriptionThe Memphis Teacher Residency is a Memphis-only non-profit organization whose mission is to recruit, equip and retain excellent teachers to work in Memphis’ urban areas where the need for strong educators is most critical. We are a Memphis-only partnership involving the MTR, Union University and local urban schools.

The residency model is one adapted from the medical field and provides the opportunity to get classroom learning along with practical experience. We believe this is the best way to become an effective urban school educator.

We offer a 12-month cohort program that integrates a Masters in Urban Education coursework through Union University with extensive classroom experience. Each Resident will be paired with an experienced Mentor-Teacher in their content area for four days per week for an entire school year. In addition, participants gain both a Masters of Arts in Urban Education and a State of Tennessee Educator License for either elementary or secondary education. We offer content endorsements for secondary education in Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish (7-12), History and English.

In addition to providing technical educational training, the MTR believes in the value of speaking to the whole person; and, therefore, provides a year-long, Biblically-based series of courses, discussions, and speakers to offer a Christian worldview in all aspects of the Resident's life.

Entrance into the Memphis Teacher Residency program is available to both education and non-education college graduates, and offers the following benefits:

Masters of Arts in Urban Education through Union University (tuition provided)

Intensive classroom experience within Memphis’ urban schools

State of Tennessee Educator License


$12,000 stipend for the 12-month training period

Participant /cohort fellowship and community

On-going evaluation and mentoring

Leadership Opportunities

Residents commit to teaching in a high-need Memphis school for three consecutive years immediately following the residency year. High-need Memphis school is defined as any Memphis City School (MCS), public charter, or private urban school that is within the Memphis city limits and has a student enrollment of 60%+ students that qualify for Free or Reduced Price Lunch. Should a MTR Resident not complete the three consecutive years of teaching immediately following the residency year, the Resident will be required to repay the MTR $10,000 for each year of service not completed.

Starting salaries for educators with a Masters degree within the Memphis City School are approximately $44,000 per year.

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