Closing the Circle: Providing Online Feedback to Students (Tech.ology Series)

DateMarch 23, 2021
Time3:00 - 4:00 pm
DescriptionProviding students feedback is so integral to most teaching practices that it can be challenging to reflect on a process of providing clear feedback efficiently. Whether your students are mixing chemicals in a lab, pronouncing a word in a foreign language, or discussing a textual analysis, an instructor’s feedback can confirm, correct, or challenge students' ideas and overall learning. In designing an online course, instructors need to think carefully about how student feedback will be provided. Becoming familiar with the grading tools in Canvas is a first key step, but it is also important to think about how student feedback is provided throughout various learning experiences. This session will explore Canvas tools and instructional strategies that provide student feedback in impactful ways.
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PublisherLearning Together
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