Shepherding Real Life: Authentic Assessments (Tech.ology Series)

DateFebruary 3, 2021
Time4:00 - 5:00 pm
DescriptionHave you been giving traditional multiple-choice tests in your classes in much the same manner that you took those type tests during your college days? Perhaps you sense that they no longer serve the same purpose due to new technologies, information access, and course delivery modes. We invite you to embrace the concept of authentic assessments! In a nutshell, they let your students show their knowledge through real world projects that are more meaningful, varied, and engaging. An authentic assessment is one that allows students to apply the concepts they have learned so they move beyond recalling information and start connecting the material in a way that helps them internalize the skills and have a richer learning experience. It is not only harder to cheat, but it is less desirable to try when projects are personable and exciting. This session will discuss types of authentic assessments, show tools that can support these projects, and present plenty of examples from a variety of disciplines.
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PublisherLearning Together
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