SET - Improving Learning Outcomes through Empathy and Mindfulness

DateNovember 13, 2019
Time4:00 - 5:00 pm
LocationJones 200
DescriptionImproving Learning Outcomes through Empathy and Mindfulness

Mike Whitenton (Baylor Interdisciplinary Core)

In this seminar, we explore ways to enhance learning across disciplines by cultivating empathy and mindfulness in the classroom. Tradition and empirical data suggest that empathy and mindfulness go hand-in-hand: being truly present with oneself or with another person fosters feelings of compassion, belonging, and connectedness. Less appreciated, however, is the link between mindful awareness, empathy, and learning toward enhancing the effectiveness of learning communities. Mike Whitenton will lead our exploration of empathy and mindfulness as they relate to learning, introduce the research linking the two to enhanced learning outcomes, and demonstrate accessible in-class activities to help you foster greater connection and transformative learning in your classrooms. No prior experience with mindfulness required.

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PublisherAcademy for Teaching and Learning
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