SET - Writing and Learning Across the Curriculum

DateSeptember 10, 2019
Time3:30 - 4:30 pm
LocationJones 200
DescriptionKara Poe Alexander (English, University Writing Center)

There is a close relationship between writing and learning. Writing must be learned; students must learn how to write anew in different contexts and disciplines; and writing is a powerful tool for helping students learn. This SET explores the following questions: In what ways are the processes of learning and writing similar? How do the two processes interact? How might you use writing as a way of learning in your own classes and disciplines? This SET will offer easy-to-implement suggestions for facilitating student learning by exploring more deeply students’ attitudes toward writing, the role of reflection and metacognition in student learning, and the particular challenges facing students in disciplinary writing. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on ways to design intentional assignments that place learning at the center of writing and that help identify what students know and need to be taught when they write across the curriculum.

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PublisherAcademy for Teaching and Learning
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