Cherry Award Public Lecture - Dr. Jennifer Cognard-Black

DateOctober 21, 2019
Time3:30 - 4:45 pm
LocationMcLean Foyer of Meditation, Armstrong Browning Library
Description"Just Food: Social Justice and the Literatures of Food"
Eating is a story. Every time we take a bite of food, we eat ourselves into being - sustaining our bodies while stirring our imaginations. The tales our dishes tell might be familial, such as aromas conjuring a Croatian grandmother from the old country. They might be historic, taste-memories recalling when butter and sugar were rationed during wartime. Or they might be cultural, flavors evoking religious rituals, agricultural advancements, or even culinary fads on social media. Yet whatever our food stories may be, too often they're nostalgic, triumphant, or overly optimistic. In this lecture, Jennifer Cognard-Black considers how the literatures of food - poems, essays, and novels with recipes - can awaken readers to issues of food justice,
food justice can move from words to the world, engaging service-learning projects with community partners to address food inequities and environmental degradation sometimes concealed by mainstream discourse. Ultimately, these examples show how honest and fearless food stories can help create more ethical eaters.
PublisherCherry Award Admin
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