URSA Scholars Week Keynote: "Building Bridges Between Research in the Sciences, Arts, and Humanities"

DateApril 4, 2019
Time4:30 - 5:30 pm
LocationKayser Auditorium, Hankamer School of Business H101

Baylor University and the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement Steering Committee present:

The 2019 URSA Scholars Week Keynote

Building Bridges Between Research in the Sciences, Arts, and Humanities

Presented by:

Lauren A. Barron, MD

Director, Clinical Professor, Family Practitioner

Baylor University Medical Humanities

Thursday April 4, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Kayser Auditorium in Hankamer School of Business H101


"Modern cultural conceptions segregate the sciences, the
humanities and the arts, but there are fundamental qualities
common to research in all of these arenas. The purpose of
this seminar is to show that the drive to discover accompanied
by determination, creativity, and curiosity are central to the
pursuit of truth whether you identify as a scientist, a humanist
or an artist. From the perspective of a medical educator and
physician, I will argue for the importance of cross-disciplinary
collaboration. Despite the long-standing history of increasing
specialization and separation between the disciplines, there
is increasingly compelling evidence that building bridges
between islands of knowledge is the most efficient and
effective way forward."

PublisherUndergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA)
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